• Grass-fed Biltong


    Grass-fed Biltong

    Grass-fed Biltong is a form of raw, dried meat. It is a delicacy among South Africans and was developed by Trekboers (seminomadic farmers in search of new pastures) as a way to keep meat from spoiling during their long treks. It is a practical, highly nutritious, and energizing food that’s perfect for…

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  • Lately . . .


    Lately . . .

    Growing season preparations are in full swing. Kitchen is littered with germinating seeds. Greenhouses are filling up with soon-to-be flowers. Compost is loaded and unloaded into the truck. Fingernails are painted with speckles of dirt. I am happy. I am busy.…

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  • A Very Short Hiatus

    Just prettys. #flowers #petals #spring

    A Very Short Hiatus

    I couldn’t be happier to be pulled in so many different directions. They’re all beautiful and I wish there was more of me to tend to all the blessings equally. I’ll be needing some days, maybe a week, to collect myself, my heart, my mind. I’ll have much to share with…

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  • Barefoot in February


    Barefoot in February

    Yesterday, it was 72°. I spent the day outside and barefoot for the first time since Fall. I squished my toes into the mud like a little child. I daydreamt about the flowers I was going to plant and where in the yard they would grow. As I squatted next…

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  • Pure Source Chocolate Review


    Pure Source Chocolate Review

    {Pure Source Chocolate is on sale until until 2/28/16} Let’s talk about chocolate. First of all, I love it. And I’d venture to say that you love it too. However, you probably treat it like a guilty pleasure, not a real food. I did too, until I found out that a nutritious, guilt-free, whole…

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  • Seeds for my Flower CSA


    Seeds for my Flower CSA

    They’re here. Isn’t Baker Creek’s packaging lovely? After hours of reading flower books, flipping through seed catalogs, and browsing seed websites, I’ve finally made up on mind on what I’m going to grow for my flower bouquet CSA this year. I’ll be selling flower shares locally through The Sustainable Life,…

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  • Propagating Spider Plants


    Propagating Spider Plants

    I have a heartfelt fascination with houseplants. This is no secret to anyone who has been to my home or read any of my previous blogs. I love them so! I especially love the kind of plants that are easy to keep and beneficial to my family. The spider plant falls under…

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  • Recycled Fire Starter


    Recycled Fire Starter

    Well, lets break up the monotony of this blog with the most random, potentially life-saving D.I.Y. ever. You can make this out of two items that I almost guarantee you have in your home, unless you are far less domesticated than I am. This may have nothing to do with nutrition, beauty, or living ancestrally..…

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  • Organic Fresh Cut Bouquet CSA


    Organic Fresh Cut Bouquet CSA

    The seed catalogs come flooding through the mail this time of year. My partner spends his time off the farm leafing through the pages, marking the seeds, plants and supplies needed for this year’s organic CSA. Though I am some help to him through organization and social media, I must admit I…

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  • Honeyed Garlic Remedy


    Honeyed Garlic Remedy

    Here is a recipe for a powerful home remedy that is said to stop a cold, sore throat, or flu bug in its tracks! The ingredients are organic, raw honey and garlic. Even though my family is a hardy bunch, I feel this is a good preventative measure for any household when sickness is lurking around the corner.…

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  • Simple Fermented Radishes


    Simple Fermented Radishes

    I’ve been on quite the fermentation kick lately. I find myself opening the fridge and asking, what can I ferment today? Anything, everything. It’s such an enjoyable process for me— the beneficial rotting of vegetables over the course of days or weeks. I love the ease in the preparation of fermented foods and…

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  • Aloe Vera: Beloved Benefits


    Aloe Vera: Beloved Benefits

    The Aloe Vera is succulent plant that is historically known to be rich in benefits for us humans. From cleaning the air in our homes, to healing burns from our stoves, an Aloe Vera plant should be sitting in every windowsill in the world! Or grown in every garden, climate permitting.…

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  • (Almost) Natural Ornaments


    (Almost) Natural Ornaments

    I know the sparkles and glue aren’t natural, but I just love the look of dehydrated citrus as a tree ornament! I made these last year with some leftover oranges, lemons, and limes. I simply sliced them and left them in the dehydrator for two days. When the slices were fully dry, I painted on…

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  • Simple Fermented Carrots


    Simple Fermented Carrots

    As the outdoor growing season comes to a close, I’m trying to find ways for my family to eat up all of whats left in the garden. Carrots are one of the delicious vegetables that need to be harvested ASAP! As much as we love to eat carrots fresh, they take up a…

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  • Activated Rose Otto Mask


    Activated Rose Otto Mask

    Activated charcoal and apple cider vinegar are all the rage these days. And for good reason, too. When used in facial treatments, activated charcoal pulls out toxins, while apple cider vinegar balances pH and opens pores. My favorite pairing of the two is with Living Libation’s luxurious, organic Rose Otto essential…

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  • Flourish in Fall


    Flourish in Fall

    Cold times can be hard times. I don’t know where I’d be without my plants. Close-knit in my sunniest windows, they remind me that things can still grow this time of year. Life can still flourish and flower.   In health,…

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  • Organic Cotton Pads

    GladRags Organic Cotton Pads

    Organic Cotton Pads

    The menstrual cycle is a healthy, natural, and dare I say, beautiful process. Industry has shamed us into thinking that it’s a messy, inconvenient, widespread disease amongst women. Welcome some period positivity into your life! Get closer to yourself and learn to appreciate your body’s functions, while eliminating the hazards of commercial menstruation products.…

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  • Nettle Hair Rinse


    Nettle Hair Rinse

    Everything we put on our bodies is absorbed through our skin. Since stinging nettle is so rich in vitamins and minerals, it makes a beautiful hair strengthening rinse. Here is a tutorial for weekly rinse that is known to alleviate dandruff, and add a glossy shine while supplementing your hair, scalp, and body, with magnesium, silica, phosphorous, vitamins D3 and…

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  • How to Make Sauerkraut


    How to Make Sauerkraut

    “The fermentation of cabbage into sauerkraut is not the work of a single microorganism. Sauerkraut, like most fermentation processes, involves a succession of several microbial species, not unlike the life of a forest, in which a series of different trees follow each other as the dominant species, each succeeding type…

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  • Essential Clay Toothpaste

    Essential Clay Toothpaste

    Essential Clay Toothpaste

    In this toothpaste recipe, I have traded the harmful ingredients found in conventional toothpaste (fluoride, triclosan, sodium laurel sulfate, and hydrated silica) for all natural ingredients, such as bentonite clay, organic coconut oil, and essential oils of frankincense, peppermint, tea tree, and thyme linalool.…

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  • Essential Oils: First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit Living Libations

    Essential Oils: First Aid Kit

    Though there are over 300 essential oils available on the market today, the average household could likely fulfill all its needs with ten essential oils: lavender, tea tree, peppermint, chamomile, eucalyptus, geranium, rosemary, thyme, lemon, and clove. These oils, with their own effective and unique properties, make a wonderful first aid kit.…

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  • Soapwort Laundry Detergent

    Soapwort Root Laundry Detergent

    Soapwort Laundry Detergent

    After making a Soapwort Root soap base (tutorial) for a shampoo recipe, I began to consider the effectiveness of using it to clean other things around the house. Noticing the natural lather that came about when pouring the boiling water over the mashed soapwort root, I thought to myself.. this looks a lot like laundry…

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  • Voluminous Natural Mascara

    Voluminous Mascara

    Voluminous Natural Mascara

    If I can’t eat it, I won’t put it on my skin. I am, and will likely always be, a bit of a beauty junkie. As my ancestral lifestyle progresses, I’m beginning to realize I really don’t need all this stuff on my face. My skin has begun to reflect my inner health.…

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  • Neem Oil Beauty Benefits

    Neem Oil

    Neem Oil Beauty Benefits

    Neem oil, azadirachta indica, seems to have an inexhaustible list of uses from medicinal, to gardening, to beauty. Its comes from the Neem tree, and its recorded use dates back to 2000 AD. It is one of the oldest medicines available today. Everything from the leaves, seeds, fruits, bark, twigs, and flowers…

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  • Healing Tooth Decay: My Story


    Healing Tooth Decay: My Story

    Growing up in the ’90s, I had a miserable diet: Sugars, grains, sodas, and high-fructose galore. Though I brushed twice a day with the “dentist recommended” fluoride toothpaste, my six-month checkup often ended with a follow-up appointment to fill a cavity. Today, at 24-years-old, I couldn’t even tell you how many fillings I have in…

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